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Which fair are you visiting? If you are visiting all three events, please tick the one most related to your business: *
1. Are you visiting this exhibition for the first time?*
2. Business nature of your company: 
* 【Multiple】
3. How did you learn about this exhibition?* 【Multiple】
4. To what extent have your objectives for visiting this exhibition been achieved?
[Rating: 0-N/A ; 1-Not achieved ----- 5-Achieved]
Look for new suppliers
Seek agents / distributors / trading companies
Source new products
Place orders
Collect market information
Consolidate contacts with suppliers / business partners
Other objectives (please specify):
5. To what extent are you satisfied with the fair in the following aspects?
[Rating: 0-N/A ; 1-Not satisfied ----- 5-Satisfied]
Quality of exhibitors
Quantity of exhibitors
Service of exhibitors
Exhibit range
Exhibit price
Pre-fair information from the Organiser
On-site information, services, signage & decoration, etc.
Other comments (please specify):
6. Did you attend FSA Conference?*
9. Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with your experience at this exhibition?
[Rating: 0-Extremely dissatisfied ----- 10-Extremely satisfied]
10. How likely would you be to visit this exhibition again in the future? 
[Rating: 0-Not at all likely ----- 10-Extremely likely]
11. How likely are you to recommend this exhibition to a friend or colleague?
[Rating: 0-Not at all likely ----- 10-Extremely likely]
12. How important are the following to you in your planning to visit this exhibition?
[Rating: 0-N/A ; 1-Not important ----- 5-Important]*
Invitation from the Organiser
Invitation from your suppliers exhibiting at the exhibition
Who will be exhibiting at the exhibition
What products will be exhibited
Making appointment with the exhibitors before the exhibition
Networking opportunities
Other aspects (please specify):
13. Are there any product(s), company(s) or technology that you would like to see but are not present at the show?*
14. Are you interested to see more digital signage products at the show?
[Rating: 0-NA/Don't know ; 1-Not interested at all ----- 5-Extremely interested]
15. Have you visited other exhibitions in the last 12 months (excluding our fairs)?*
17. Which PUBLICATIONS or WEBSITES do you read to obtain the latest industry information?
18. How would you like us to improve? What other comments or suggestions do you have?